What is an exchange student and what is a study abroad student?


An exchange student is a student from a partner university who studies at Missouri S&T for 1-2 semesters and then returns to their home university to complete their degree. Exchange students are accepted through:

  • A direct agreement for the exchange of students between the student’s home university and Missouri S&T or
  • Through an exchange consortium where both the student’s home university and Missouri S&T are members.

Exchange students must be nominated by their home university and accepted by Missouri S&T. The Missouri S&T online application process is required in addition to the nomination and consortium application process (if applicable).  

Exchange students pay tuition (if any) to their home university. Exchange students are charged an international student fee, as well as any applicable costs such as on-campus housing, meal plans, and health insurance.


A study abroad student is a student who applies to study at Missouri S&T for a short time (usually 1-2 semesters) but who does not plan to complete a degree at Missouri S&T. Study abroad students are non-degree seeking and are required to pay tuition and fees to Missouri S&T.

There are a variety of scenarios why a student would be classified as a study abroad student.

Exchange and study abroad students are required to provide proof they are academically capable of being successful at Missouri S&T and may also be required to show proof they meet pre-requisite requirements for courses. Courses taken at the student’s home university are not typically evaluated and will not transfer to Missouri S&T for credit.

Note – students who begin studies at Missouri S&T as an exchange or study abroad student but who later decide to pursue a degree from Missouri S&T, must submit an application as a transfer student, pay an application fee, and meet all admission requirements. If a student is admitted as a degree seeking student, any courses successfully completed at another university will be evaluated for transfer of credit.