Post Acceptance To-Do List

Once you have completed your online application and you have sent us the required documents, you will receive a welcome package as soon as possible. It will include your acceptance letter and your DS-2019.

Once you have received the welcome package, please make an appointment at the Embassy of United States in your country so you can apply for your Visa. In the same time, we recommend that you proceed with academic advising and course registration. 

The study abroad coordinator will provide you with your academic advisor contact information. You will need to contact your academic advisor at Missouri S&T by e-mail and discuss courses that you would like to take.

Your academic advisor will work  with you to find courses which are suitable for  you to take. Exchange students are required to take 12 credit hours, this is typically 4 classes. The advisor will then remove the advising hold on your student account.

Contact the study abroad coordinator with an e-mail confirming which courses you will register for. The Coordinator will work with the Office of International and Cultural Affairs to have the international hold temporarily lifted  for a period of one week so you can register for your courses.

To register for courses, please log in to your Joe'ss account.

For a full list of degree programs and details, please click here.

A list of classes scheduled to be offered for the upcoming semester is available on the Office of the Registrar's website. This listing may change so you should check it occasionally for updates.

Exchange students are required to be enrolled full time.  Full time enrollment for undergraduate students is 12 credit hours and full time enrollment for graduate students is 9 credit hours. Students who choose to take more than the required number of credit hours for their degree level will be the responsible for paying the  extra cost of  the additional hours.  The fee schedule available online will provide information about cost for additional hours or you  may contact the Cashier’s Office for more details.

Campus departments may also have information on the department home pages with information about classes that are typically offered each fall, spring, or summer semester. Not all courses are offered every semester.   

To view the semester dates, please see Missouri S&T Academic Calendar

For more detailed information, please see the Missouri S&T Catalog. When looking at the course catalog, select the most recent catalog for your level (undergraduate or graduate).

Missouri S&T’s Student Handbook includes a great deal of information including student expectations, rights, and responsibilities. All students are expected to meet the university’s Standard of Conduct. In addition, all students are expected to attend classes and meet all academic requirements (i.e. homework, grades, participation, projects, etc.) as outlined in each class syllabus. Students who do not meet the attendance and/or academic requirements of a course risk being dropped from the course by the professor.In order to meet immigration requirements, international students must maintain full time enrollment.

Exchange students approved to study at Missouri S&T for a year must successfully complete all courses at Missouri S&T during the first semester. Student grades will be reviewed at the end of the first semester and if a student has not been academically successful or encountered other problems such as attendance, personal behavior, immigration status concerns, etc. Missouri S&T reserves the right to revoke admission for the second semester. If an exchange student’s admission is revoked, the student is responsible for any or all costs associated with such revocation including, but not limited to, housing and travel expenses.

Incoming students are offered the opportunity to register for their courses early,  allowing them to have more opportunities to get in courses that they need.  Please note , once the student has registered in courses their student account will be billed for these courses. 

Once the student arrives and checks in through the study abroad office the students account will be credited as an exchange student.  If the student registered decides to not attend Missouri S&T it will be the students responsibility to  cancels the courses they had registered for.  If the student delays canceling the courses until after the add/drop deadline for their semester, students will be billed for these charges. 

Deadlines  for registration  add/drop can be found at

Students are required to check their Joe’ss account regularly to see if there are any bills to pay. While students do not pay the tuition and fees, other fees such as insurance, housing, international student fee, etc. will be charge to their student’s account. Students are required to pay these fees at once or partially every month at the time of billing.