Housing and Meal Plans

On-campus housing options vary in cost and amenities.   Information about on-campus housing options is available on the Residence Halls website.   Information about the cost of the on-campus housing options is available at the Residence Hall Rates website.    Prices listed are for a full academic year (fall semester and spring semester).  If you will be studying at Missouri S&T for one semester, the rates will be approximately half of the rates listed on this page.  Students who will be under the age of 21 on the first day of classes in the semester they plan to study at S&T are required to live in on-campus housing.  For all other exchange or study abroad students, our recommendation is to select on-campus housing.

    • Housing is furnished with the furniture you will need.
    • Housing can be reserved before your arrival – so it is waiting for you when you get here. 
    • Living on-campus provides the best opportunity to become part of the university community with activities, opportunities to meet and interact with other students living in your housing unit, academic success workshops, etc.  
    • Your academic success is important - each housing unit has study lounges and several housing units have computer learning centers.
    • Living off-campus may require students to sign a contract for 6 months -1 year, requiring students to make multiple payments to start utility services (water, electricity, phone, trash, etc.) which can cost up to $1,000. Students who live off-campus must also usually purchase furniture such as a bed, desk, chairs, etc.

The most economical on-campus housing unit is Thomas Jefferson where you will be assigned to a room you will share with another student. A group of students share common bathrooms which are located near the sleeping rooms. Students living in Thomas Jefferson Hall have the convenience of the cafeteria in the same building as well as a shared kitchen if you wish to cook for yourself.

Several on-campus options are available for students who want more of an apartment-style living space. Miner Village has single sleeping rooms with a bathroom shared with one other student, a living room, kitchen, and washer/dryer in each apartment. Rolla Suites has single sleeping rooms with a private bath. Rooms either have their own kitchen or each floor offers a shared kitchen and laundry facilities.   

The study abroad staff collaborate closely with the department of Residential Life to secure housing for your stay at S&T. Complete the application process to provide your information and any requirements to the Residential Life staff who will make your room assignment. The application will ask for your preferences of location; please know that we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the location you request, but Residential Life will do their best to accommodate based on your preferences and availability.

As soon as you receive your student ID number, go ahead and apply for housing. As a result of the visiting status of study abroad/exchange students, we have special processes to best accommodate your stay at Missouri S&T. Below are details instruction on how to apply for housing. Should you notice any discrepancies or have any questions about this process, email studyabraod@mst.edu.  

    1. Go to Residential Life's application page
    2. Choose the Transfer Students tab
    3. Choose the "click here" link to fill out and submit your application
    4. Refer to the directions on the Transfer/Returning Application page
    5. Choose the "Transfer/Returning Application" link and log on with your Missouri S&T username and password.
    6. Complete the application following the instructions on the screens;
        • Screen 1: Name, student ID number, email, phone, required to take English proficiency-No, date of birth, gender;
        • Screen 2: agree to housing agreement terms and conditions;
        • Screen 3: select academic year, new transfer student, and fill out your preferences;
        • Screen 4: residence hall preferences (whereby assignments will be made based on availability);
        • Screen 5: review the meal plan options and then chose one that best fits your needs. Please know that the meal plan can be changed during the first two weeks of classes.
        • Screen 6: Please note that to apply for housing, there is $200 deposit.  $40 is a nonrefundable housing application fee, and $160 will be credited to your student account. If you encounter problems paying with a credit card, please call Residential Life at +1 573-341-4218, and they will process your payment via phone.
        • Lastly: choose Submit

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your application has been received. To ensure quicker housing assignment, please also send an e-mail to reslife@mst.edu as well as to studyabroad@mst.edu letting us know you are an incoming exchange or study abroad student and you have applied for housing.

Students who live in on-campus housing are provided the option of purchasing a starter pack prior to their arrival. The starter pack includes: bedding, towels, and snacks and drinks. The cost varies each semester but typically ranges from $55-$65. Students are sent information on purchasing a starter pack upon acceptance into Missouri S&T.

Students living in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan (except students living in Miner Village). Meal plans include a specific number of meals per week, a declining balance, or a combination. Dining is available at two locations on campus. Thomas Jefferson Hall Cafeteria offers dining by “meal” and the Havener Center offers a food court where students can select and pay by item.     

  • Meal plan costs for one semester will be approximately one half the cost listed on the Residential Life page.
  • To learn more about meal plans, please visit S&T Dine on Campus page. 

Students may change their meal plan until the second week of classes. After the second week of classes, students may not make any further changes to the meal plan. International and Cultural Affairs and Residential Life staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

The cost for meal plans will be charged to the student’s account. Students have access to view their account through the student's Joe'ss account.