Health Insurance

Health Insurance is Mandatory for All Exchange Students - Your acceptance to Missouri S&T is conditional upon your purchase of this mandatory insurance policy. An independent insurance carrier administers the policy selected by the University of Missouri system and the cost of the insurance is automatically charged to your student account. Exchange students are responsible for payment of this cost. Insurance costs for the current semester are available on the International Affairs Insurance webpage. The cost for health insurance will be charged to the student’s account. Students have access to view their account through an online system. Payment information is available on the student's Joe’ss account.

NOTE: If the embassy where you request your visa requires that you provide proof of insurance before your visa will be issued, please contact Missouri S&T. We can work with you to provide proof that you will have the insurance through Missouri S&T instead of you purchasing insurance in your home country. This may alleviate the need to purchase insurance both in your home country and at Missouri S&T.

Student Health Services - As a student at Missouri S&T, students may go to Student Health Services for many medical needs.

Tuberculosis Test - Students will be required to take a tuberculosis (TB) test upon arrival. A portion of the cost for the TB test will be paid by insurance but the student will be responsible for payment of approximately $50.