Things to keep in mind when program searching

Best study abroad time and your degree requirements

S&T students can study abroad starting their second semester freshmen year to their senior year. As a result of the degree requirements as well as the study abroad application process, it is best that students start planning to study abroad a full semester prior their intended time abroad.

Keep these two factors in mind when deciding the length, credit bearing, and destination of your study abroad program. Learn about the different types of study abroad programs offered at S&T.

Available courses and transfer of credits

As you progress towards your degree, the course requirements become more specific and credit transfer from the study abroad institution may be difficult. To ensure transfer of credit, S&T students are required to work with their academic advisor and study abroad coordinator to select the appropriate courses. After you have been accepted to a program, you are required to meet with your academic advisor and complete the Application for Credit for Study Abroad Coursework form. The form has to be signed by your academic advisor and Department Chair.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is financing study abroad.

There are some additional fees associated with studying abroad.  Once a student has been accepted by a Host University a $30.00 GlobalMiners application fee will be charged to the student, this fee must be paid through the Study Abroad office.  Once a student has committed to studying abroad at a Host University a $300.00 fee will be charged to their student account.  Both of these fees are non-refundable.

Costs for studying abroad vary depending on the location, cost-of-living and duration of the program. For most programs, the standard S&T “in-state”tuition rates and fees apply, but housing and travel costs depend on the location of the program. Be sure to explore the cost of studying in a particular location when narrowing down your search.

Sources of funding can include financial aid, Missouri S&T Study abroad scholarship and external funding. For specific information see Financing Study Abroad and explore individual programs to see estimated cost.

Geographic and linguistic preferences

Many S&T students start to narrow down their search by desired countries or regions. Keep in mind other goals other than country preferences. If your goal is to learn another language, Spanish for example, you may consider programs that offer Spanish language courses for foreigners. In addition, if your goal is to have your academic courses in English, don’t limit yourself to English speaking countries – many schools around the world offer courses thought in English.


A valid passport is required for anyone traveling outside of the United States. In addition, many foreign countries require U.S. citizens to obtain a visa for entry, and the rules can vary widely. Be sure to obtain your travel documentation well in advance of any international travel, and comply with all of the regulations set by the country to which you are traveling. See Obtaining a Valid Passport for more info.

Health Insurance

GeoBlue Insurance (contracted by UM system) is the mandatory insurance for students traveling abroad . This policy offers fully comprehensive health insurance coverage while traveling abroad. This insurance would be your primary insurance while abroad even if you have another insurance policy.  Instruction on how to purchase the insurance can be found at GeoBlue University of Missouri Student Member Guide. The insurance is a monthly insurance and the cost is $35.90 per 30 day period.