S&T Exchange Student 2011
S&T Exchange Student 2011, Hong Kong

With almost 8 billion individuals in the world, you are still a unique person and student. Your background, dreams and goals are yours alone. With so many  countries, programs to choose from, finding the right location and program will take some planning.

Here’s how to get started:


  Step 1: Learn about Study Abroad 

  • Attend an information session or a program-specific information session. 
                  See: Study Abroad Events Calendar
  • Search the Missouri S&T programs available
  • Determine your goals for studying abroad (Worksheet)
  • Consult your academic advisor to talk about your plan to study abroad
  • Meet with a peer-advisor (see calendar)

  Step 2: Meet with a Study abroad advisor

        The study abroad advisor will go through the specifics of the program.


Please fill in this form
Student name
Email Address
Academic Major
Country of Interest(s)
Semester You Wish to Study Abroad

  Step 3: Application deadlines

March 21: All Summer programs
March 31: All Fall or Academic year program
October 1st: all spring semester or academic year program

*For faculty- led programs, please refer to the faculty program specifics

  Step 4: How to apply

Step 1 - Do the official application

Now, you have met the Study Abroad Advisor and have decided where to go, you can complete the application online for students applying through a consortium partner or through the student exchange program partners. Your Study abroad advisor will tell you how to apply.

*For  Faculty-led programs you will also  apply through the faculty leader and the study abroad advisor

Step 2 - Forms to fill out

Fill out the application for Study Abroad and meet with financial aid office with your study abroad spreadsheet for your location of study .

Return these forms to your study abroad advisor directly, through campus mail, or regular mail.

Step 3 - Confirmation of acceptance. At this time, your account will be charged a $300 study abroad fee wehich will not be refundable after being accepted at the host institution.

Once you received a confirmation of acceptance through either  a student exchange program partner institution, or a student exchange consortium, or from your advisor:

  • Send information required by student exchange partner or the consortium partner.
  • Provide confirmation letter of acceptance from the school
  • Purchase your HTH insurance card and provide a copy t o your advisor
  • Provide a copy of your passport
  • Apply for a visa and provide a copy of it to your advisor
  • Book plane tickets and provide a copy of it to your advisor
  • Apply for lodging at your institution abroad
  • Bring your budget to financial aid
  • Provide an e-mail with information about how you will get from your location in the US to the airport, from the airport abroad to your residence and same for the way back.
  • Pick-up your study abroad emergency card

Step 4 - Pre-departure orientation

Attend a required pre-departure orientation (see the calendar).

Step 5 - deadline/ question

Return paperwork that has not been returned yet by :

May 2nd: All Summer programs
May 2nd: All Fall or Academic year program
December 2nd: all spring semester or academic year program


Step 6 - Have a good and safe trip!