Before you go abroad

Congratulations on your study abroad acceptance! Your GlobalMiners profile is now in the post-decision phase and you will notice a number of new checklist items including several items in your Learning Content box. These materials are designed to help you prepare you for your experience abroad. Among others, they include include:

  • Health, safety and security abroad
  • Culture shock
  • Communication
  • Crises management
  • Money management
  • Info to share with your parents

To ensure you have understood the basics of study abroad there are two short and fun quizzes on your GlobalMiners profile. Please complete them before departure and ask any questions you may have.

Great, you've been accepted to a program. What's next?

Your post-decision 'to do' list

  • Accept your study abroad offer and confirm on your GlobalMiners profile
  • Complete questionnaires, material submissions, signature documents, learning content and assessments in your GlobalMiners profile
  • Download your pre-departure checklist and use it as guide in your preparations
  • Review the materials on this page, including: resources for parents, health and safety, money matters, communication, food, travel and packing
  • Attend the pre-departure orientation for last minute details
  • Your health and safety are very important to us. Please be sure to visit Travel Health and Safety Info before you go